Excellence is more than experience.

I love working with great organizations and the marketing leaders responsible for their growth. I have developed a large body of work across wide-ranging industries and an appreciation for the talented teams from coast to coast who made it possible for me to partner with brands like these:



“Dionne is incredibly passionate about the consumer! As my Account Director, she had an ability to uncover questions and ensure we were looking around corners to uncover issues on the horizon. She’s a hard worker and eager to dig in and learn details. These strengths position her well to deliver against forward-looking, strategic projects with excellence, as showcased by some of the projects she has delivered with her work at Saatchi X. Her warm personality and her care for every member of the team makes her a wonderful partner and a pleasure to work with.”

— David Mullaly, Proctor & Gamble


“Dionne was such a pleasure to work with and showed us so much support and gave an incredible amount of insight to whatever problems we threw her way. She was strategic in her approach and thoughtful in her delivery. She understood the challenges within our organization and with the customer and helped the marketing team create the correct deliverables for presentation and optimization. Her sunny, kind, personable and optimistic attitude was always welcome and created trust and confidence that she would get it done. She is a professional with an incredible amount of integrity. It was a true pleasure to work with her and I hope I can do it again. She was the best account director I ever worked with at an agency.”

— Melissa Lopez, MarketSource


“Dionne has been my account manager in three different places. Whenever I move to a new challenge, she is always the first person I call. In each engagement, she has provided me with straightforward, insightful, strategic, and creative perspectives and guided me to very successful outcomes. She is collaborative and listens well. She is a great marketer with a very respectful, persuasive communications style. She is a good leader who can motivate teams to rise above and deliver top-notch solutions. In addition, she has strong values and high integrity.”

— Steven Brier, Allegis Global Solutions, CPA Global, and Istonish


“Dionne and I worked on a brand study; collaborating with her was a bright spot of the project. Her special blend of warmth, knowledge, and organization was a breath of fresh air. She expertly strategized and facilitated internal and external research. And her communication was top-notch – she’s a great listener, interpreter, and adviser. I would love to work with her again.”

— Gretchen Moen, cxLoyalty


“Dionne’s talent and creativity are only eclipsed by the joy that she exudes in every personal interaction. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Dionne on a very successful re-branding project. We were choosing between two excellent firms, but literally chose Dionne’s firm when they confirmed that Dionne would lead the project. Our choice was proven correct as Dionne exceeded expectations throughout the project. She is a great listener who can take ideas, add to them, and shape them in a way that improves them dramatically.”

— Greg Stivers, ProfitOptics


“Dionne is a passionate and results-oriented marketing professional who I have had the pleasure of engaging on several digital campaigns on behalf of Honeywell owned brands. I can recommend her skills with confidence.”

— David Mesicek, Muck Boot Company


“It has been a pleasure working with Dionne on a corporate rebranding project. She listened carefully to our objectives, conducted research, synthesized data, and developed a corporate brand strategy that was authentic to our organization. With the corporate rebranding being so successful, we continued to work on other marketing projects together — website redesign, integrated marketing campaigns, and marketing strategy are others to name a few. Not only is Dionne warm, funny, and highly experienced, she is incredibly easy to work with. She takes ambiguous information, organizes and improves it to produce exactly what was requested time and time again. She’s always willing to help find solutions for whatever we are working on. I highly recommend her and hope to work with her again soon.”

— Cari Vass, Quarles


I have known and worked with Dionne over 10 years. She is intelligent, creative and resourceful. She is consistently enthusiastic no matter what the challenge, and inspires those around her to adopt the same can-do attitude.

— Diane Glaus, McDonald’s Corporation


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