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I craft meaningful conversations around branding, marketing, creativity, and leadership. I facilitated workshops for clients and colleagues, as well as for the Richmond chapter of the American Marketing Association. I developed a comprehensive training program for a top 25 independent advertising agency and have led a weekly women’s leadership group.

My presentations to middle, high school, and college students over the years made me a natural choice for leading a breakout session at the annual conference for Virginia Association of Marketing Educators. Several times I was a featured guest on an advertising industry podcast, which you can access below. This experience inspired me to host my own podcast.

Agency Work Podcast—Season 2 Episode 1 Guest
Agency Work Podcast—Season 2 Episode 15 Season Recap Guest
Agency Work Podcast—Season 3 Episode 3 Guest
Agency Work Podcast—Season 3 Episode 8 Season Recap and Final Episode Guest

Contact me if you need a speaker for your upcoming event. I enjoy workshops, webinars, and conferences, and welcome the opportunity to learn more about and help with yours.