Micro improvements can make a big difference

I’ve helped hundreds of businesses make smart decisions with their brand and marketing resources. Auditing a brand is one of the first things I did in my career, and it remains one of my favorite things nearly thirty years later.

Seeing small changes make a significant difference in how brands show up in the market is what inspired me to offer my quick-fix marketing makeover.

This service is geared for small business owners who want to to discover the benefits of better brand marketing. Priced at just $500 for two Zoom calls, an evaluation of your primary marketing channels and messages, and 5 simple, high-value recommendations that you can implement in 1-2 weeks — it's an investment that you can feel good about!

How it works:

After we talk about your business goals and challenges, I'll evaluate your primary marketing channels and messages (i.e., website, social media, etc.) to identify opportunities for aligning your brand, focusing your efforts, and removing friction for consumers. We'll reconnect in a 60-minute Zoom call where I'll share the top five actions you can take to immediately improve your brand marketing.


Schedule a quick-fix Marketing Makeover to discover 5 ways to improve your brand marketing.