Guiding principles for end-to-end activation

I can build a team that is best suited for your brand marketing, having worked in the industry for nearly three decades and developed a network of talented partners across the country. Here's how we'll approach your initiatives:

1. Brand before branding.

When you construct a building, you don't just start. You plan, meeting the needs of everyone involved, from those financing the project to those who will use it. The same applies to your brand. Every decision starts with why the brand exists and how it is designed to uniquely serve people.

Brand strategy is the most vital marketing capability today, according to the Gartner Annual CMO Spend Survey. So that's where we'll begin, too. Once we have established your brand positioning, brand story, tone of voice, and key messaging, we'll move on to branding and website development.

2. Strategy before tactics.

No one wants an email campaign. That's just a tactic. You want what the campaign can do for you, like acquire new leads. That's why we'll start with your marketing strategy and tie it back to your business goals. From there, we'll plan and execute campaigns to reach specific audiences.

3. Make connections count.

If you don't connect with consumers, you're wasting your money. Without a compelling connection, nothing changes — not the belief, not the mindset, not the behavior, not the habit. Nothing. That's why aligning the messaging, the medium, and the creative is so important.

4. Measure to make better.

Better is subjective until it is defined for your brand, business, and marketing goals. Done right, better can be measured in a meaningful way.


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