Ideas that influence people and impact business

To know me is to know what moves me:

Helping Clients

Looking for a better way comes naturally to me. That’s why I’ve enjoyed helping hundreds of business owners and marketing leaders in wide-ranging industries make smart decisions with their resources. My sweet spot: auditing new initiatives and existing efforts to align with your goals. For businesses, it’s engaging in branding and marketing strategy, consulting and fractional support. For marketers, it’s mentoring.

Educating Leaders

As someone entering the elite group of ad agency veterans who are 50+ (just 6% of us make it this far), I’m well positioned to educate on client management and branding and marketing from an agency perspective. Check out the training section of my website, where I bring you the highest quality online courses and books about the business of branding and marketing.

Equipping People

Because I’m driven to make a difference beyond branding and marketing, I built a platform to connect with people who want more from their lives. Agency to Act podcast challenges listeners to decide what they want in business and life and then go for it. My e-commerce store Carter & Gray is for people who want to explore their creativity and do more of what they love.

I look forward to partnering with you as a client, collaborator, or customer.
Dionne Leigh Kumpe