I’m Dionne Leigh. My story is still being written, but here’s what it sounds like today:

I’m a strategist solving complex business and communications challenges for business-to-business, direct-to-consumer and nonprofit clients. It’s what I’ve done for the last 25 years and what I hope to do for the next 25.

For a long time, I measured my self-worth by my career: the title on my business cards, brands I worked with, compliments I received, innovations I collaborated on and championed, and teams I led. It was hard to give up those public indicators as my measures of success, but they were no longer enough for me. I made for more—a really uncomfortable nebulous “more”. I wasn’t sure exactly what the more was. I just knew I needed more of it and that meant making changes.

I started shining up what was inside of me instead of chasing after shiny objects and external accolades. It was the start of something wonderful.

Making a difference matters to me. It always has, even when I accepted an impact that was smaller than my calling. But as the years pass, making a difference has become a driving passion of mine. And as Enneagram Type 2 (“The Helper”) with StrengthsFinder traits of Strategic, Connectedness, Positivity, Maximizer and Individualization, I’ve found that how I make a difference also matters. So I’m carving out space and time to pursue creative interests and learning opportunities like this website. This evening and weekend work makes me a better marketer and, honestly, a better person. It also means I can help people and businesses reach their goals all the time, not just during office hours.

Here’s my vision for this site and beyond.

I built this space to share my ongoing adventures in marketing, leadership and creativity in hopes that something I say will inspire you to move in the direction of your dreams and increase your impact, whether you are growing a business, leading a team, or just wanting to learn something new. Right now, I’m working on a big project that will launch in 2019. Stay tuned!


dionne leigh