Be bold. Your creativity is beautiful.

As age refines us, we find comfortable, safe space somewhat confining. We begin pushing the boundaries with surprising passion, yearning for the freedom of our younger selves.

Your past prepares you for your future—a future you can create for yourself.

These emotions are real and telling us something important—but the message is not that we need to reclaim the weight and skin elasticity of our youth. It’s that we need to reclaim the boldness of our youth, remembering that feelings, family, friends and fun all matter and that we come alive when bringing our ideas to life.

As children, we didn’t ask if we were qualified to create. We just created.

Somewhere along the way, we imagined rules for who can create and what and when they can create. But those rules aren’t real. We are real. Our creativity is real. And the world still needs each one of our ideas, whether an invention, process, point-of-view, or an artistic endeavor like a sketch, video, story, song or dance.

Practice being bold by taking a creative risk every day.

Being bold isn’t always natural, easy or encouraged, but we do it because we have a soul-deep desire to discover and live out the more that we were made for. Being bold is risky and exciting—and incredibly beautiful. Sometimes the first bold move is admitting a truth to yourself and then another person. Sometimes it’s journaling. Sometimes it’s walking out on the dance floor before anyone else.

What we want deep down is to dream big dreams and chase them. We want to imagine what could be and take creative risks as a catalyst to the future that lies beyond our comfort zone. It helps to make connections with other women and share our stories of fear, failure and success. This inspires us to keep moving forward, celebrating progress toward our goals.

What’s stopping you from starting to live a bold, beautiful life today? Absolutely nothing!

Join me as we remove imaginary barriers that curb our creativity and limit our impact.