Reflecting on Purpose

I’ve been quiet on this site for quite a while. Intentionally. Reflecting on purpose.

This has been a much-needed season of rest and renewal, preparing me for the next thing God has planned for me. It was a conscious choice to invest in relationships over writing. My love for God and people is why I write, so while at first it seemed counterintuitive to go dark for a period of time, the outward silence is not an indicator of inactivity. Quite the opposite. I’ve been reading, praying, thinking and talking it out.

Walking with women God has also challenged to step out into their purpose and potential has helped deepen my conviction and sharpen my focus. I’ve been surprised and delighted with support I never imagined. It’s been such a blessing—one I’m certain I need to pay forward.

Now I sense a shift in the seasons. From planting to growing. So I’ll be looking for the seeds to sprout soon. Stay tuned!