When daydreaming is actually God-given vision

When I was young, I daydreamed of what could be. Then I reached adulthood and stopped. I was too busy for dreams. Intent on putting one foot in front of another, I focused on family and creating a small safe place where homework is done, meals are cooked and bills are paid. Then one day, I was challenged to share my dreams.

I realized I no longer dreamed, a disconcerting thought. So I shifted some of my focus back to myself to rediscover who I was before I became a mother. Who was that young woman and what did she dream of? Writing children’s books, painting and sculpture done in a bright studio in the backyard. Working within publishing or with a nonprofit and volunteering in a leadership capacity within my church or sorority, a place where I could help younger women make a smart start.

Make time to dream

As I mother, I give much of my time and energy to others. But I am still here. And God has just as much (perhaps even more) that He wants to do with me today. So I’m actively dreaming again. And there’s an important thing I’ve realized in this process. Sometimes the dream is a God-given vision. Which means I need to chase after it, studying to show myself approved, as Timothy says. Because if I don’t fulfill this vision, someone else will. And they will get the blessing that God meant for me.

So despite the obvious hurdles of time and money, I am now working to make my dreams a reality. They’ve changed a bit, but not all that much, considering how many years have passed. I’d like to think they’ve just come into sharper focus. And while I often fear what is unknown to me, I know God does the most amazing miracles when His people simply trust Him and take the first scary step.

So let’s do this, God!