25 reasons not to blog—and why I will write anyway

Sure, I built this website to blog, but there are countless reasons why I shouldn’t. Here are the top 25 I explored this month:

1. I’m not a writer
2. I’m not perfect
3. I will be judged
4. The veggies are wilting
5. My house is a mess
6. I need more sleep
7. I’m afraid of failing
8. I’m too busy
9. I’m not tech savvy
10. I lose at Scrabble
11. No one is reading
12. My dogs need a walk
13. I’m late
14. I like my job
15. I haven’t gone to Bible college
16. I need to exercise
17. I am afraid to be known
18. I love family time
19. I’m not ready
20. My to-do list isn’t done
21. My story isn’t a best seller
22. I’m still finding my voice
23. I want to read more
24. I don’t have anything to offer
25. I’m not Annie, Emily, Jen or Jennie

Yes, I know. 25 reasons does sound like a lot. And it is, but so what? You could probably come up with a hundred reasons not to do anything, including leaving your house in the morning. Or buying that super soft sweater. Or having a piece of cheesecake. And those worked out well, didn’t they?

What’s really important is to consider the cost of not writing.

What would I be giving up if I didn’t continue with this blog? Oh, little things like my calling, my dreams and my desire to create. Now that I’ve come this far, I’m just not willing to stop—no matter how many reasons there are to sit and sip tea. After all, excuses can masquerade as reasons.

So I will write anyway.

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