How do I fit in with my God girls?

Annie, Emily, Jen and Jennie. Those are my God girls. Annie lifts my spirits. Emily encourages me to appreciate my small. Jen inspires me to go all in. And Jennie challenges me to go deeper with Christ.

There are so many other writers I admire—including Myquillyn Smith, who I just discovered—but these four were the originals who captured my attention and my heart. I’ve wondered if I could be like them. How my voice would blend with theirs. But those are the wrong questions.

It’s not about where I fit into the Christian writing scene. It’s about how I let Jesus shine through me. Through my words.

So Ann Voskamp’s blogger prayer is my prayer—that I write for His glory, not my own. The rest will sort itself out.

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  1. Carter Baxter
    October 30, 2016

    Help me to let Jesus’ light shine through me should be my prayer each day.

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