That stack of books won’t read itself

My bedside table is overflowing with books. They spill on the floor in a mish-mash mess. Tissues, scraps of paper, Post-it notes, and bookmarks poke out. Tempting reminders to slow down.

Can I just ditch this blog and curl up in bed and read instead?

Books I had to have lie in wait for my return from the Write 31 Days challenge. My writing time is also my reading time, so I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul. And Peter gets cranky if he doesn’t read enough. Books like Making Things Happen, Looking for Lovely, The Nesting Place, and Unashamed. And that new one by Shauna Niequist.

Now, why again can’t I ditch this blog thing and just grab a book?

Words matter in my world. And if my favorite authors had taken the cozy way out, their books may not exist. So I’ll keep on writing until there’s nothing left to say. Because one day it could be my book on a bedside table.

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