Blogging is not high on my list

My to-do list is ridiculous. I intentionally forget to add things that have either been on the mental list a while or won’t be acted on now. I think that will somehow help me feel good about what I have to do, but it doesn’t.

The unwritten items loom like a shadow. I need to add them, act and move on.

Writing is definitely on the list. Just not at the top. More like three-quarters of the way down, behind the daily deliverables I’ve put on there—and the things that others have added.

Let’s be honest, much of what I spend my time on doesn’t even hit the page.

It’s “Mom, I need you.” And I love being needed. But I can’t let the immediate needs, or even the urgent needs, usurp my spiritual needs. So I’ll keep writing this blog. Even if it’s after my kids go to bed.

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