Family time is more important than this blog

Yesterday I went with the flow of the day and a blog post didn’t make the cut. Writing was just one more to-do item at the end of a long day, so I took a pass. Instead, I spent time with my family. And working for my family. (You read the wilting veggies post, right?)

Every night I’m torn. Writing pulls me away from what would be more school stories and bedtime snuggles and more talk time with my husband. Because these precious people are the most important in my life, this blog can surely take a back seat for another year or two, or ten.

Writing about life shouldn’t take the place of living life.

The other option is reflecting on my life, which would give me greater appreciation for it. I like the sound of that, so I guess I’ll keep blogging.

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  1. Carter Baxter
    October 21, 2016

    Nice, I approve of this message.

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