Why be a writer when I’m already a marketer

I graduated with a degree in journalism and have worked in advertising/marketing for nearly 25 years. So why should I start a blog now? Why not focus on being a fantastic marketer instead of a fledgling writer? Isn’t that like starting over?

I’m not leaving my experience behind; I’m using it in my writing.

I joined a writers community this summer to be around those wrestling with words. Avoiding comparisons with established writers isn’t easy. What has helped is stepping back from the mechanics and focusing on the purpose of communication. Which is sharing an idea. Or a story. The essence of what I want to say. I think about who I’m talking to, what they care about and how I can help.

Writing is much like marketing—just marketing a message.

I like what I do for a living and enjoy the people I work with. I just happen to believe that I am meant for more. Writing is helping me explore the possibilities. So I will blog for work. And I will also write for me.

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