When it comes to writing, late is better than nothing

I knew this would happen. I missed a day in the 31 day writing challenge. Argh! Now my streak is broken, why continue at all? Clearly, writing is not important enough to me. I must not be a writer.

I mean, missing one day is just the start. Now that the lack of discipline has been exposed, the questions start. Is this blog post more important than watching a movie with my husband, talking with my kids about school, making chicken broth, doing laundry, reading that book for the book club I lead next month, paying bills? It’s only a matter of time until the blog fades and I fizzle into just free writing again. I’ve been there before. Why is this time any different?

Left on my own, I will talk myself out of writing. That’s why I need other writers to keep me honest.

Late does not mean you can skate. It’s disappointing, but not unexpected. Sometimes jugglers drop a ball. And that’s ok. People still like going to the circus. So I’m writing this blog anyway.

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