If I write but no one reads it, what’s the point?

Blogging is a tightrope walk. I want people to read it, but not read it.

Voices in my head say, “If you just want to write, why not journal instead? It’s faster, cheaper and much less risky.” “You don’t need to do this. It takes a lot of time.” “No one is reading it anyway. What’s the point?” My heart says, “Just shut up and write.”

This blog is me stepping out in faith. I am unqualified and unknown and this may never change. And I am totally fine with that. Flying under the radar gives me an opportunity to practice and make mistakes without the pressure of a following.

Emily Freeman encourages us to celebrate our smallness. I love that so much! It’s the reason I keep writing when family and close friends are the only ones reading. By honing my craft now, I’ll be ready when other readers find me.

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