I want to blog but I’m not tech savvy

Every time I look at my website, I cringe. My logo is a screen capture of Google font sample text. I don’t have half the planned pages built out. What’s there feels clumsy and clunky. I’m not sure I like my font either. And don’t get me started on the backend mechanics of WordPress and its many plugins. I mean, how can I expect to be a blogger if I don’t know where the email subscription contact list lives?

Then I remember, writers write. No matter what.

Being a Hope*Writer means I work diligently and accept that there are seasons in writing, just like life. I admire others’ glossy websites that are like Life:Beautiful magazine to my sixth grade journal, and I tell myself one day I’ll get there if I don’t stop.

Surely I will get more tech savvy over time. There’s no where to go but up. In the meantime, I will write. Because my readers deserve a beautiful message regardless of how it’s packaged.

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