I’m too tired to write

This month I decided to write 31 days on a single topic: why I shouldn’t blog. I was two-bird hunting, wanting to examine my excuses and create a habit of writing at the same time. I figured that approach would make it easy to knock out a post every day. I figured wrong.

Writing real is hard. And I’m paying with sleep.

Writing takes time. Twice as much if I start after 10pm, which is my norm on weekdays thanks to school and sports schedules. It’s a shame my brain is sluggish late at night. My words come out all choppy and it takes a while to smooth them. I find myself wondering if should scrap my work and sleep instead.

Tired talk can’t be trusted. Write anyway.

Being tired is no excuse for not writing. I just need to be smart and write earlier in the day. Problem solved.

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