If I blog, I will be judged

I will not fear judgement, only silence.

Written words are no different than spoken words. Except that they linger longer. So I treat them with more care.

I worry a lot about how my words will be received. I can adjust my message when I talk, but when I write, it’s out there for better or for worse.

As a writer, I will be judged. (Just calling myself a writer draws judgement even from myself.) I will be judged for my words, which may not meet the mark. For my thoughts, which may be scattered. For my intentions, which may be misunderstood.

So why make myself vulnerable to rancor and ridicule? Because I have something to say, that’s why. And I am writing this blog anyway.

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  1. Pat Baxter
    October 3, 2016

    I know you. You will weigh/judge your own words carefully. That is your only responsibility. Everything is out of your hands.

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