I shouldn’t blog because I’m not perfect

This is the second blog post in a 31-day writing challenge. A challenge that I didn’t sign up for officially because I knew I wouldn’t do it perfectly. That’s reason #2 why I shouldn’t blog—I’m not perfect.

I have written blog posts for work, so I know the proper way to do it. [Spoiler alert: This isn’t it.] But I didn’t start blogging years ago because I wanted to grow my audience and have a platform. I started blogging simply because I process my world through words.

Words transcend time, even if mine are mostly 8th grade level. Words have weight and give meaning to moments. They have the power to lift up or tear down. They give rise to action. “In the beginning was the Word.”

One day I will do the right things. In the meantime, I will just write. Write over right. That’s enough for now.

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