Why I shouldn’t blog

I shouldn’t blog because I’m not a writer.

At least that’s what one creative director told me 20 years ago when I expressed interest in moving from the account management side of advertising to try my hand at copywriting. He told me there are two types of people—creative and account, noting that if it wasn’t clear that I was a creative, I wasn’t. And I should leave the writing to the creatives. Now, he may not have said it that way, but that was my takeaway.

Well, guess what? I am writing and that makes me a writer. Therefore, I am a creative. So I will write this blog afterall.


  1. Karen Wiggins
    October 2, 2016

    I so relate to this! Regardless of what someone else says to you….if you believe it. You are it!! About 3 years ago I shared with some people…I’m going to be a health and wellness coach. I’m already a nurse so it’s was just a bit deeper so just a natural progression.

    So then came the “helpful”advice from others, you know.. .it’s not as easy as it looks, you don’t know as much as she does, your Facebook page doesn’t have the bling her does, look and her IG acct, on and on and on. I nearly let myself be talked out of my dream!

    Ok so when I spoke with that lady the other day and told her you can do this! I’ll help you make a menu plan and meet you at the grocery store. I’ll create a Pinterest receipe page for you so you can just refer to it for meals Instructed her to ask her Doctor if she could have a certain test and this is what that blood work results means. Guess what? I’m a Health and Wellness Coach!

  2. Dionne Leigh
    October 2, 2016

    Yay for you, Karen! Thanks for sharing your story and encouraging me. I see the coach in you.

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