Small moments lead to great joy

Small moments give me great joy. Seeing life this way is one of my God gifts.

I get a thrill when I hop into bed to read a new book. And when I steal away to a quiet corner to read in between calls for “Mom,” I get the same warm happy as eating a slice of New York cheesecake (only better now that I can’t tolerate dairy). I race across the lines of type and take note of which phrases move me, dog-earring each page for later reference.

I learn about most of my books from podcasts like Catalyst, God-Centered Mom and Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. These podcasts have turned me on to a number of authors who have led me to other podcasts, which I check out without fail. Of course, more podcasts lead to more books. It’s a happy cycle.

These two passions emerged nearly 20 years ago when I worked to build a corporate training program. I turned to business books and podcasts as a way to ground myself in the field and quickly ramp up my skills. This challenge was pivotal personally as well as professionally. I experienced a surge of positive energy while I was leading and learning.

The love of books stayed with me from that time, but unfortunately podcasts fell silent for many years. God brought them back into my life recently as part of an intentional push for spiritual growth. They are now part of my daily routine. In fact, I love listening so much that I may even make another podcasting attempt one of these days.

As I continue to discover these and other small moments that give me great joy, I am discovering who God made me to be and what He’s calling me to do. I’m rediscovering my creativity and stretching to learn new skills. It’s an exciting journey!

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