When your mission field is at home

I grew up Southern Baptist. Lottie Moon offerings and missionary speakers were a regular part of my church experience. The stories of compassion pricked my heart at a young age, but the conditions that these missionaries faced struck fear in my heart.

“Lord, please don’t send me. I don’t want to go. Please don’t ask me to be a missionary.”

Many years later, with more wisdom and grey hair, I still have a broken heart toward those hurting. But I have no fewer fears. “Kisses for Katie” blew me away. This young woman’s boldness at a tender age shamed me, yet her courage and conviction created a tension in my spirit.

What if Katie were my child? Would I trust God to take care of my baby in the missions field thousands of miles from home? Would I really trust God with what is most precious to me? When you have something on the line, that’s when faith gets real.

I’ll be honest, I think it would be really hard. But I know God’s grace is sufficient and He would bring me along. I really do want to share God’s blessings with a hurting world. And that has to include my children. He created each one with unique gifting to be used in His service. On top of that, He loves and will never ever leave them. I have to remember that God chose me to be their mother, not their Savior. My job is to shepherd and show them how to live for Jesus.

As for my calling, God definitely has a sense of humor. After years of waiting for God to reveal Himself to me, I now know that I am already on assignment.

My mission field is right here with my family and friends.

While that may change over time, today my calling is to show those closest to me the love of the Father and the amazing grace of Jesus. I’ll extend God’s great and awesome love from there.

My community is full of opportunities to live my story for His glory. There’s no need to go to another country when my mission field is here.

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