Good mornings start with God

My favorite mornings start with Scripture. When my alarm goes off, I switch on the lamp, grab my phone and launch the First5 app while my eyes adjust to the light. This engaging 5-minute devotion has helped me develop a habit of honoring Him with my first moments of the day.

Next up is a quick shout-out to Jesus asking Him to walk with me through the day and take the lead on how I prioritize tasks, interact with people and react to situations. Some days I ask Him to show me how I can show His love to others. Or I lift up those who are fearful and hurting. (It may be me.) If I’m feeling especially bold, I ask Him to increase my patience, courage and reliance on Him.

When my focus is on Him, there is order in my world. No matter the chaos of the day, I experience more clarity and calmness. Decisions, ideas and interactions come more easily. It’s totally a God thing.

Unfortunately, my mornings don’t all start with praise.

Instead, I hit the snooze multiple times because I stayed up too late. Or I jump out of bed completely focused on my to do list, not His. If I’m in a bad mood come nightfall, it’s a guarantee that I didn’t pause for prayer in the morning or, just as likely, I prayed but then looked to myself for answers when the trials came.

Francesca Battistelli had it right. “When the crazy kicks in, a circus of distractions is just about to happen.” Even though I am happiest when we are in relationship, I lose sight of what’s really important. I get lazy. I make excuses. And I get selfish. One day leads to two, and days later, I realize I’ve wandered off His path of peace.

This morning was quiet and I had every opportunity to start it my favorite way. I just didn’t do it.

I did things that were nice, but not necessary.

The Holy Spirit used this blog post to remind me what I should have already known. That I needed to re-set my day and start over. With Him.

So I did.

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