How do I fit in with my God girls?

Annie, Emily, Jen and Jennie. Those are my God girls. Annie lifts my spirits. Emily encourages me to appreciate my small. Jen inspires me to go all in. And Jennie challenges me to go deeper with Christ. There are so many other writers I admire—including Myquillyn Smith, who I just discovered—but these four were the

Do I even have anything to offer?

Using the Write 31 Days challenge, I’ve addressed my excuses one by one and turned a corner. I can now say, without a hint of irony, that I am a writer. I’m going to pause right there and savor the moment. It’s been a long time coming. I’m a writer, not a Writer or a

That stack of books won’t read itself

My bedside table is overflowing with books. They spill on the floor in a mish-mash mess. Tissues, scraps of paper, Post-it notes, and bookmarks poke out. Tempting reminders to slow down. Can I just ditch this blog and curl up in bed and read instead? Books I had to have lie in wait for my

My story isn’t special so why tell it

Kara Tippets is a perfect example of grit and grace. She loved well and lived well in her short life. And as her health waned, her light shone even brighter. Beauty and strength. Fragility and courage. Hers is a powerful story and one well worth reading. My story is plain-Jane. More journal than novel. For

Blogging is not high on my list

My to-do list is ridiculous. I intentionally forget to add things that have either been on the mental list a while or won’t be acted on now. I think that will somehow help me feel good about what I have to do, but it doesn’t. The unwritten items loom like a shadow. I need to