To be known and loved is the greatest of all joys. This is why we were created.

  • the unexpected
A God sighting is when the eternal meets us in the moment.

It’s the “I AM” showing us that He is present. Whether we see His goodness and grace in full or in faith, every sighting matters. It’s the hint of heaven that makes our soul sing.

God created all things so it’s no wonder I see God in the wind, the wilderness, and the sunset. But He’s also in laughter and struggle; busy schedules and bruises; quiet moments, music and tears. The more I look for Him, the more I find Him.

The only perfect person to ever walk the Earth said that God is good.

Jesus lived among us to show God’s great love. He taught how to live in relationship with the creator of the universe. He performed miracles show God’s power. Jesus who did all those things knew God intimately (because he was God himself). And he said that only God is good.

So when life is screaming, “Good God!” just know that He is a good God. That perspective changes everything.

God uses broken people best.

We’re the ones who clearly cannot shine on our own. It’s only through Him that we are radical and radiant.

  • Noah the drunk
  • Ester the afraid
  • Moses the adopted
  • Ruth the widow
  • David the murderer
  • Mary Magdalene the prostitute
  • Matthew the cheater
  • Thomas the doubter
  • Martha the overwhelmed
  • Timothy the young
  • Paul the persecutor

The list is long. And I’m so thankful to be included in it.

We were made to understand and be inspired by stories, which is why the Bible is full of them.

The stories I love most have a hero I can relate to—a flawed character facing a challenge and discovering inner strength along the way. If there’s no happy in the ending, I write one in my head because I so badly want the struggle to be redeemed.

Perhaps that’s why I look for Jesus in life’s small moments, especially the ones that hurt and cause me to call out His name in frustration. When my eyes are on Him, I see my life as part of the bigger picture. I see God writing every part of my story for His glory. That’s how I find the strength to stand.

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